Sponsor A Survivor

Sponsorship opportunities exist for those who are willing to help provide the intensive care our clients receive at our aftercare centre. 

Your sponsorship will play a large role in transforming the lives of our clients . You will be contributing to all their daily requirements – counseling, the staff who support them each day, the necessities they needs, and the facility itself.

Due to the sensitive nature of this program, specific information about the girls at the Rancho will not be given on this website. 

Sponsor A Survivor

The impact of your monthly Donation

By giving monthly, you become part of a dedicated community committed to rescuing and restoring survivors of online sexual exploitation.

Those interested in sponsoring one of these children should be aware that any specific information concerning the child's true identity cannot be shared with the sponsors. Sponsors will receive an information sheet using an alias name for the child and a photo of the child that does not reveal their face. These measures are necessary by law in the Philippines to protect these children from further exploitation.