Our Mission

Rescue & Restore

At our aftercare shelter survivors of online exploitation have a safe place to heal and recover from the trauma and abuse of their past. 

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The problem

The island of Cebu is blessed with rich marine resources and fine beaches, and tourists, both local and foreign, make time to visit Cebu and explore its natural wonders.

But there is also a dark side underneath all this beauty. The island of Cebu has among the highest incidences of child trafficking and sexual abuse including internet pornography.


Rancho ni Cristo

Recent statistics have shown that:

54% of those abused in OSEC (Online Sexual Exploitation of Children) cases are children under the age of 12.

77% of those rescued are perpetrated upon by their own family.

our solution

"Rancho ni Cristo", our aftercare shelter, is a safe home for girls who have been rescued out of the evils of online sex trafficking.  We partner with local law enforcement and international NGO's .  As they do the raids/rescue operations and pursue the legal cases against perpetrators, Rancho ni Cristo provides the shelter that the victims need so that they can have a safe place to grow and heal.  

Despite their traumatic backgrounds, all our clients are on the road to recovery and are learning how to dream big dreams for themselves and for their nation.


Rancho ni Cristo

Is a vibrant place full of the peace and joy that comes from knowing the Father’s love.


Through our community outreach programs and residential aftercare program we have been able to provide and promote access to health, nutrition and eduction to thousands of people. Its also our desire to continue to protect children against any kind of sexual abuse.

22+ years

of community outreach

4+ years

of residential care

39+ survivors

of Online Sexual Exploitation