"Breaking the cycle of poverty through education."


The Children's Educational Assistance Program strives to provide access to education, health, and nutrition. Through our weekly meetings, we promote values formation according to Biblical Standards.

Our Program has a track record of success in supporting qualified elementary and secondary students on their journey to college.

We provide extensive services and resources to our students and their families to remove the barriers that generally prevent the students to succeed in their studies

Our school benefits include school supplies, uniforms, daily lunch, academic fees and student recognition awards. Parents also have weekly meetings where they receive parenting tips from our program coordinator, who also conducts home visits.

Our scholars for this school year

It costs $30/month or $360/year to send one scholar to school for a year!  


  • Official receipt
  • Certificate of gratitude including scholars name, photo and background information
  • Quarterly updates of the scholars school performances and other information
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